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Healing Autism in the Kitchen

“Healing with Healthy Nutrition”

Healing aspects of a healthy diet, with specific emphasis on oral motor difficulties in children with autism spectrum and developmental disorders

Healing Autism in the Kitchen is devoted to children with Autism Spectrum disorders and other development disabilities, the children who are overfed, yet undernourished. This book is not a nutritional manual. Rather, it is a cookbook that focuses on how to nourish children, with a special focus on children with ASD. Food has healing power that can stabilize one both physically and mentally. This book is written with the intention of making a person healthy. Diet is the key and not necessarily dietary supplements, which are not a replacement for a healthy diet. Eating whole foods is first and foremost where one should start as the basis of sound nutrition.

Everyone appreciates a great meal, and many of us would love to be able to prepare one. With busy lives and other family commitments, however, sometimes the ability to prepare a healthy meal eludes us. Cooking, for some parents who are cooking for children with special needs, is a complex process in itself. This book was written to create healthy meals for children with special needs a simple process. The recipes are easy, and once you understand the basics, you will be able to make many fabulous meals in a matter of minutes.

This book also provides the necessary tools and guidelines for parents, and introduces them to the fundamentals of cooking. Parents will learn how to shop for healthy foods, to identify and select healthy ingredients, to learn to read labels, and to identify (parallel) unhealthy hidden ingredients, all of which are steps towards a fabulous culinary experience. Parents will also learn how to increase their chances of success in the kitchen by selecting proper equipment and kitchen accessories, and by learning healthy tips on how to cook. Included are individualized recipes suited to children’s specific needs.

All efforts have been taken to make preparation of the recipes easy and fun. The ingredients selected are nutritious and can easily be found in local supermarkets, health foods stores, or online. Each recipe includes an informative box with tips or other helpful information. This book will give you the background to step into your kitchen with confidence in the knowledge that you’re truly equipped with all that you need to serve a nutritious meal to your child and entire family.